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Welcome to Science Unleashed!

Thank you for visiting our website. Science Unleashed originally started as "Space Facts" - a page on facebook dedicated to posting none other than... space facts! I started the page when I was around 13-14 years old and had a key interest in astronomy. The page grew and grew but I thought perhaps Space Facts could become something bigger and better - appealing to a wider audience. It was with that in mind that I wanted to delve beyond astronomy into the wider world of science as a whole and learn new things along the way!

Science was one of my favourite subjects back in school and a lesson that I looked forward to on a day to day basis. Science is absolutely incredible and finding out new information about a wide variety of things always excites me. It is this that I want others to experience. Science Unleashed is a place for anyone to discuss all things science and share their ideas and talk with others from around the world. We'll have a blog with dedicated writers sharing their passion with individuals able to show their support and interact. We'll also have a forum with a wide variety of sub sections dedicated to different parts of science where people will be able to post freely. In addition to this we have a in website chat system running where individuals can directly get in touch with each other or create groups.

Furthermore, we'll soon have our store up and running which will contain gifts for kids, hand designed goods such as science based phone cases and other cool things!

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